Siraj made it to the Wall Street Journal

By Enis Abo Alhasan, 03-31-2022

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Othman Alshekh, 30, is CEO at Siraj technologies and a lecturer at Ben-Gurion University in the Negev. Mr. Alshekh was born in Germany; at the age of 3, he returned with his family to Israel to the Bedouin village of Tel Sheva. After graduating, he began managing the family medical center, then completed a bachelor’s degree in law and accounting and a master’s degree in law at Tel Aviv University. He did a law internship in the capital market department of one of the most reputable law firms in Israel, Goldfarb-Seligman. Mr. Alshekh also worked as a senior advisor on KPMG’s deal advisory and management consulting team and at Procter & Gamble.

Siraj Technologies was founded in 2016 by Mr. Alshekh alongside Bedouin and Israeli hi-tech entrepreneurs and academics who shared a vision to streamline the painstaking process of onboarding industrial internet of things (IoT) edge devices to cloud platforms leveraging AI/DL. Siraj’s proprietary deep learning algorithms automatically recognize and standardize data collected from diverse edge devices, creating a clean and unified data stream that brings industrial IoT to its full potential. With expertise in industrial edge onboarding, Siraj provides end-to-end solutions covering every phase in the onboarding process, from site mapping to complete site connectivity. Designed to increase industrial productivity and safety, Siraj’s solutions focus on multiple interconnected layers including embedded, sensor data, network connectivity, IoT gateways design, and implementation, and IoT platform interfaces.

Along with the company’s cutting-edge technology the company seeks to promote coexistence between Arabs and Jews in the high-tech sector and integrate Bedouin employees, whose representation in the sector is very poor. The company strives to create jobs for the Bedouin society in the field of technology and high-tech professions in Israel.