Software Development

Holistic development process from design to testing and integration

Siraj provides end to end services covering every phase in the onboarding process, from site mapping to complete site connectivity. Designed to increase industrial productivity and safety, our solutions focus on multiple interconnected layers including embedded, sensor data, network connectivity, IoT gateways design & implementation and IoT platform interfaces.


Siraj specializes in communications, network solutions and IoT connectivity. Our software development services range from firmware and embedded to back-end and cloud.

full cycle iot development


Smart valves

Smart Valves

An industrial valve manufacturer has approached Siraj Technologies regarding the development of an innovative valve systems as an upgrade to their existing products. The objective of this project was to connect the sensors and actuators to a cloud application developed by Siraj Technologies for remote monitoring and control. Siraj Technologies managed to develop a cloud application and to connect the sensors and actuators of the valves, the collected data is displayed on a dashboard for real-time monitoring. Also, thresholds for sensor data has been set, and once the limit is exceeded an alert is displayed along with an SMS sent to the person responsible. For safety purposes, the actuators were not automated based on threshold logic, but they were remotely controlled via the cloud application.

Remote monitoring and control application for agriculture

Remote Monitoring and control application for agriculture

An enterprise in the field of agriculture has approached Siraj Technologies regarding the development of a cloud-based application for the monitoring and control of sensors and actuators manufactured by different vendors in an open field. Siraj Automatic Connectivity Generator (ACG) is used to establish communication with the different communication protocols used by the sensors and actuators, the ACG solved the challenge of establishing communication. The cloud application for the monitoring and control consisted with time series data displayed on graphs with thresholds that either activate/deactivate an actuator or send alerts to the people in charge, in order to display sensor data and control actuators in a centralized application the formats of the data required to be normalized into a unified format and through Siraj advanced AI engine, the process of converting all data formats into a single unified format is done automatically. The application launched and was implemented in different fields for crop management in Israel and abroad.


Design Application for rebar bending machine

Construction materials supplier has contacted Siraj Technologies regarding the development of a design application that answers their business requirements. The objective of this project was to develop an application in which an engineer would enter the measurements of the design according to construction maps and requirement. Siraj Technologies has developed a software application that can run on-premise and on cloud in which the engineer is able to set shapes with measurements and store them in the system for recurring use. The measurements for the designed shapes are sent from the application directly to the machine and by so reducing the time by 50% compared to manually setting the measurement and reducing the risk for human error.