Siraj has partnered up with Siemens

By Enis Abo Alhasan, 12-16-2021

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This year, Siraj has teamed up with Siemens after a successful PoC of Siraj’s ACG solution (Automatic Connectivity Generator). This collaboration with Valor, a Siemens business, has enabled Siraj to demonstrate the abilities of her solution and prove its capabilities. During the PoC, Siraj has successfully reduced the onboarding time and resources by up to 50%, potentially reaching a 90% reduction in resources.

And recently, Siraj’s news of the collaboration with Siemens has reached Israel’s largest and oldest economics newspapers “Globes”. Siemens is a technology company focused on industry, infrastructure as they empower their customers to digitally transform their industries. And with Siraj’s Automatic Connectivity Generator (ACG) they can achieve their vision by enabling an efficient onboard process of machines.